U.S. Missions National Field Rep for Alaska

Last week I traveled to Springfield for training and orientation. We have received appointment as Field Representative for Alaska from the US Missions Intercultural Department. I’m humbled and honored to work with Malcolm and the team in headquarters.

Walking through the hallway to the Missions building you pass under these flags.

I’m proud to be part of an organization that sends thousands of Missionaries across the United States and around the World.

we are there

Intercultural Ministries Mission Statement

Intercultural Ministries is committed to training and equipping indigenous leaders to fulfill the Great Commission among those groups of people in the United States whose evangelism involves cultural understanding and specialized preparation.

We have much to accomplish in Alaska. Over 100 villages without adequate, consistent Gospel witness. Please pray with us for Alaska! I’m reminded of a word that was given to me from a dear friend; Look out upon this frozen land and see the first signs of fruitful spring.

Blessings, terry

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